Not the End

It’s a story as old as time itself.
The grass that grows in the velds
is eaten by the buffaloes and deer.
They, in turn, are the lion’s meal,
and when the mighty king dies,
his body returns to the plain’s soil.
On that, the lush green grass grows.
Thus, the circle of life does flow.
Such is the law of the universe.
It’s a cycle that is never reversed.
So don’t be sad when it seems to end,
for something new will soon begin.


Storms reveal
the power to heal.
The moment of birth,
the moment of death,
the events between
are all stormy.

Storms create
the strength to adapt.
All of life’s changes,
the resistance and plunges,
that define and redefine,
are all stormy.

Storms reveal
the ability to resile.
All the challenges
that shake or break,
leading to a rebounding,
are all stormy.

From every storm
arises a new form.
It’s a chance to clean
the slate and start again
with endless possibilities
and probabilities.

My Dream

Much has been written about dreams.
Much that could fill papers and reams –
They are messages from the universe
sent to the dreamer for better or worse.

They are thoughts that are imaginary,
Images and sensations, all involuntary.
But I want to dream the dream less dreamed –
A dream in which I’m someone else’s dream.

I want to be the hand that offers help.
I want to be the guiding voice that tells.
I want to be the map for the directionless.
I want to be the light in their darkness.

Yes, fairies and unicorns have their magic.
But wouldn’t you all agree when I say this –
The world would be a much better place
If the dream I dream came true every day.

Sugar and Me

Debuting in the greatest reality show in the universe,
I was bound by restrictions for better or for worse.
The dos and don’ts that were laid out were aplenty.
Some were stated clearly, and some, not so clearly.

But of all the conditions I was supposed to adhere,
none was as confounding as the one about sugar.
Yes, this two-faced ingredient is used in desserts.
With milk, flour, spices, fruits, and other cohorts.

It soon became a habit in a wee, gullible kid like me
as I found it to be so likable and so darn sweet.
“She’s a growing child,” all the people would say,
and I got away with the laddoos, candies, and cakes.

With Time, the law of cause and effect progressed,
and soon, my true blue friend was seen as a defect.
Yes, every bit I ate stayed on with me on my waist,
and it did not take a doctor to know I was overweight.

The do now metamorphosed into a major don’t
as this double-crossing thing upset my hormones.
The one that was delectable is now my enemy.
I need to break up with it both physically and mentally.

Well, the wheels of the reality show go on and on,
and I have with me now a new set of regulations.
Read this, my friends, and I hope you will be the wiser.
When it comes to eating sugar, it’s best to be a miser.

A Great Place To Be

Consider the tiny little seed.
Deep in the soil, it lies buried,
and then, shoots up into a tree.
Yes, the dark is a great place to be.

Consider the ugly piece of coal.
Pushed under the layers of the earth,
into a diamond, it changes radically.
Yes, the dark is a great place to be.

Consider the no-good speck of grit.
Trapped inside an oyster in the sea,
it transforms into a pearl so shiny.
Yes, the dark is a great place to be.

Consider God’s greatest creation.
Encased in the womb, all alone,
it grows to become a cherubic baby.
Yes, the dark is a great place to be.

The idea of the dark is indeed terrifying.
It’s terribly perplexing and frightening.
But it certainly is the best place to be
for that’s where your light shines brightly.

What’s in My Name

What’s in my name? It was never mine.
Although I’ll bear it for my entire life.
No, I had neither choice nor any say
in the name I’m called with every day.

So what’s in my name, you would say?
Call me differently, and I’ll be the same.
But when I think about it, I do realize
that my name was never really mine.

It was what my family envisioned for me
when I arrived – their hopes and dreams.
In that name, they felt all the happiness.
That name resounded with my existence.

With this name, I will never feel lonely
for I’ll carry with me a piece of my family.
The name I bear may not be my definition
but behind it lie the purest intentions.

So what’s in my name? Well, it’s clear –
it’s a sign by my ancestors, my dears.
It was never for me to use by myself.
It’s not a description, but my inheritance.

Take a Pause

Now, what would be a cause for a pause?
We could carry on endlessly like a clock.
More work could be accomplished daily
if there were no reasons for a dilly dally.

Just imagine a life where you don’t stop
and keep on spinning like a child’s top –
A series of tasks, reports, and deadlines –
More profits and improved bottomlines.

Now, pray, come with me to the garden.
Let’s walk, taking the path less trodden.
Look at the ladybugs, all red and black
on the white roses lining the dirt track.

The grass shines like Indian emeralds
as dew glistens on leaves and petals.
Listen to the symphony of the evening –
The bees humming, the birds singing.

And yonder are the dark olive-green hills
standing stoically not unlike sentinels.
Witness the skies turn bright crimson
as they say goodbye to the setting sun.

Can you see the shapes in the clouds?
Two fiery dragons engaged in a bout.
Let’s stroll on till the moon peeps out
lighting up our way in a silver shroud.

Tomorrow will arrive at its quick pace
and its series of chores and challenges,
but wouldn’t you agree that it’s better
if you took a break in the lap of nature?

Rejuvenate the cogwheels of the mind,
forgetting the deadlines for some time.
Take a long walk, and you will figure
that this pause will make you the richer.

The Meadow

Meet me tonight in the meadow of my dreams
under the moonlit sky and the cool silky breeze.
Let me hear the strong beating of your heart
as you hold me so close in your loving arms.

Let the sleepy poppies awaken as they overhear
you whisper sweet little nothings in my ears.
Let the curious white daisies blush as I describe
the glow from the fireflies in your blue eyes.

Let the fragrance of the lilies spread in the air
as you weave them, with your hands, in my hair.
Let me sing to you songs that profess my love
as you say you love me as infinitely as the stars above.

Let the scent of our bodies mingle with that of the grass
as our love grows past seconds, minutes, and hours.
O! Meet me every night with the meadow as the witness
to the neverending spring of our love and our trysts.

A Tale of Water and Stone

One fine day, Water and Stone
got into a heated argument
about who was more powerful
and couldn’t reach a consensus.

So they asked all the little birds
flocking at the side of the river.
The birds got into a conference,
but couldn’t arrive at a decision.

Then, Water suggested they ask
the sunshine in which all bask,
but Stone said the rays were biased –
They often shone on Water’s surface.

With no answer yet to the question,
they went to the wise old woman,
who lived at the edge of the village.
Yes, she was known to be like a sage.

The evening sun was almost setting
while she put down her cup of tea.
She was busy weaving flower jewelry
to be sold in the market for pennies.

Just as she put on her shoes to leave,
the two approached her, still fighting.
After hearing both of them speak,
she shook her head and said wisely,

“There are times when I have seen
water breaking stones into pieces.
and times when water has been held
by stone dams and embankments.

So, here’s the answer to your question –
The most powerful is Circumstance.
Be gone, for there’s work to be done!”
With that, she left, singing a folk song.

It would seem that she had finally lit
a candle in the dark for the two misfits.
And so it was that with no argument,
the two enemies became best friends.

The Little Joys of Life

And so I commission my pen to write
about the things that make me smile.
The list is lengthy; it takes me a while
to search in the caverns of my mind.

The smooth, cool floor under my feet
when I wake up after a night’s sleep.
The sight of the pretty colored flowers
when I’m in a rush during office hours.

The moon shining through the window,
a book that speaks words I didn’t know,
the sound of the sea caught in a shell,
the stories that my granny used to tell.

Discovering an old diary with scribbles,
a jar full of almond cookies to nibble,
photos and albums full of memories,
souvenirs of times when I was carefree.

The rainbow arching on a rainy day,
seeing the little ones laugh and play,
traveling with friends on long drives –
These little things bring joy in my life.


Listen to the voices singing!
Listen to the drums beating!
See, they all are celebrating
the festival of new beginnings!

A day that’s revered and sacred.
Uniting all with a common thread.
The rituals and traditions may differ,
but not the emotions and fervor.

A day that marks Ganga’s descent
from the heavens to cleanse our sins.
Also, the bountiful harvest of spring
that the first day of this new year brings.

Look at the temple decorations,
the bustling fairs and processions.
People taking dips in the holy rivers,
the bhangra dances, and the langars.

The folk songs and prayer ceremonies
with the giving of alms to the needy.
And if you still can’t guess what day it is –
Let me tell you, my friend, it’s Vaisakhi!