You Cannot Die

Your will is like the nishan of Ram
in the battle against the evil Ravan.
Your blood flows in your veins like
the Ganges surging with all her might.
You are the tiger that Ma Durga rides –
it’s strength and power personified.
You can create, protect and destroy
just like Brahma, Vishnu and Shivay.
You secure your motherland with
the Lakshman-rekha of your life.
You bear the weight of each minute
of freedom like the immortal Anjaneya.
You are not just your parents’ child,
but Bharat Ma’s wish that came to life.
Your every breath keeps Her alive.
You are Her soldier; you cannot die.

Sailor of the Stormy Seas

Sailor of the stormy seas

searching with eagle eyes

the horizons and the depths

of waters that have to be kept

free from the pirates of peace.


With memories as company,

you sleep but never sleep

in the restless, rocky cradle.

Never certain if it’s going to be

your last; never regretting if it is.


Your efforts are in vain

for no one feels your pain.

There’s no support for you.

The terms you committed to were

clear. You serve at your own risk here.


Sailor of the stormy seas.

You do not have a right to need.

Gratitude is not for you or your kin.

So, don’t ask what’s in it for you within

their empty hearts – for there’s nothing!