I have faith in my Lord!
He will see me through.
I have faith in my Lord!
I know He’s powerful.

I can reach out to Him
by following His Word.
He walks on beside me
as I tread in this world.

His ways are mystical.
At times, I may not see.
My paths are so puzzling,
but that’s His plan for me.

I know not how it’ll end,
but of one thing I’m sure.
He is my only friend,
and to Him I’ll return.

I have faith in my Lord!
He will see me through.
I have faith in my Lord!
I know He’s powerful.

PS: This poem has six syllables in each line.

A Story of Courage

Once upon a long time ago,
there were three young lads –
Pain, Courage and Fear.
They found a treasure map.

The gold was in the ocean
for whoever ventured forth.
And so they went a-hunting
in the sea on a rocking boat.

At the time to take the plunge,
Pain complained and hid away.
Fear decided to make the jump
but returned shivering and pale.

Now Courage dove in the waves
deeper and deeper unflinchingly.
He found the treasure in a cave,
and then lived ever after happily.


Beauty lies in the smallest of things.
A silk cotton seed floating in the wind,
a butterfly with gaily colored wings,
a pearly shell that the ocean brings.

Beauty lies in the commonest of things.
The grace of a pendulum as it swings,
the dew shining on gossamer strings,
the light bouncing off a little earring.

Beauty lies in the strangest of things.
The Moon and the Sun while eclipsing,
the leaves turning red before falling,
an orchid bloom like a baby sleeping.

Mind not the earth as it keeps spinning.
Mind not the clock as it keeps ticking.
But, pray, take the time to stop and see
the beauty that surrounds you and me.

The Price

Is there a price for everything?
Does everything have a cost?
What then is the best bargain?
To what extent would it drop?

Lost in the maze of questions?
Take a pause to look around –
A mother’s love for her children,
a rusty memory lost and found.

The sun shining in the morning,
the fresh breeze after the rain,
the laughter of the little ones,
the sound of musical refrains.

The gurgling of flowing rivers,
the rainbow with colors seven,
a smile that sets hearts aflutter –
All these cost nothing, my friend.

My Journey

This path that I am set on,
this journey for which I was born –
A tiny spring in Your Master Plan,
a speck of time in a span of aeons.

To You, I dedicate my every step –
The start, the finish, my every breath.
You furnish my spirit with purpose.
My every deed is in Your service.

In each second that passes with time,
You ease the stumbles and the climbs.
Nothing can stop me on my journey,
for You are with me till the end.

The Ever After

Sorrow lays seige on my mind
like an army outside a fortress.
Darkness descends like the night.
Into corners recedes happiness.

Tears try their best to negotiate,
but all they can do is flow away.
No reasoning can cure the ache.
Words and wails – they both fail.

And then comes an arrow of light
striking the dark with all its might,
like the sunrays in the dawn sky –
A look of love that ends the fight.

The Miracle of Maternity

To catch a speck of stardust
and build from it a heart that beats.
To grab a flake of cloudy fluff
and turn it to a dream that breathes.

To clasp a small piece of nothing
and mould it into an angel of light.
To take a tiny bit of heaven itself
and create from it a little child.

Who could that blessed one be?
To perform such miracles as He?
To bring forth life from a tiny seed –
It’s a woman’s journey of maternity.

If We Ever Meet Again

If we ever meet again,
I’d hold your hand and never let go
be it blustering winds, hail or snow.

If we ever meet again,
I’d walk with you on the sandy beach
and listen to you tell me your dreams.

If we ever meet again,
I’d capture your picture with my eyes –
the way you laugh and the way you smile.

If we ever meet again,
I’d spend all of my moments with you –
forget the past, make memories new.

If we ever meet again,
I’d tell you my secrets – my heart’s truths.
And waste no time to say – I love you.

PS: This poem has nine syllables in the second and third lines of each stanza.

Behind the Wall

This is an acrostic poem penned by me. Do join the first letter of each line and see what you get.

Behind the wall,
Everybody wants acceptance –
Hopes for unconditional love.
I’m sure you are no different.
Now the truth is simple.
Do you also see?
There is no miracle.
Here is the key to the
Everlasting verity.
When you seek something,
All you have to do is give.
Let the wall down.
Let your wishes live.

The Pursuit of Love

The pursuit of love is as old as time.
It needs no words, songs or rhymes.
The ephemeral mayflies know it well.
So do the whales that in oceans dwell.
And humankind would not ever exist
if the first pair was spared from this.
Sometimes, it leads to happy endings
At others, there’s war and destruction.
Like the gaily colored flitting butterfly,
one cannot know where it will alight.
Will it fulfill dreams or cause confusion?
Will it foster happiness or delusions?
But, as long as there are stars above,
so will be alive … the pursuit of love.