God is Near

Some say He resides in the Heavens
and can only be reached by penance.
Some say He can be found in temples,
big or small, as per the many religions.

But the truth is this, and it’s what I say.
That He is near and just a prayer away.
Sometimes He’s in a hand that helps.
Sometimes He’s in a voice that tells.

He is the creator of the entire Universe.
He could never be bound by stone walls.
He is in the air we breathe every day.
He is on the paths we take on our ways.

His will is what keeps our hearts beating.
His words are a guide for those listening.
With Him, the stormiest night I can face.
For I know that He’s just a prayer away.

How I Played Holi

It’s Holi morning! I want to play with the colors.
I pick up the packets of red and yellow powders.
And run with these to smear on my elder brother.
But he gets away as he can run much faster.

I think my baby sister would like to be colored pink.
So I walk to her small cradle, shouting, “Happy Holi!”
But I’m shooed away quickly by my grandmother,
Who said, “If only she was a little older, and I, a little younger!”

So then, I decide to spray the colors on my mother.
But she’s making sweets and should not be bothered.
Finally, I feel my father would surely celebrate with me.
So I search the house, but he’s at the market – shopping.

It’s the festival of colors. Who do I play with?!
Suddenly, I see Kanha in the prayer room beckoning.
I rush there and color His face with the gulaal.
No one saw it, but I played Holi with Nandlaal.


Memories of the past surround me.
Sometimes, I’m sad; sometimes, elated.
The paths of Fate are indeed cruel.
They meet only to be separated.
When I saw you first,
my world became anew.
I had never guessed
my heart was going askew.
Shy as you were
like a beautiful deer,
You were always close to me
and so very, very dear.
When you laughed,
the strings of the sitar rang.
When you talked,
the notes of the flute sang.
When you would cry and shed a tear,
the music of the veena filled the air.
So simple you were.
Unaffected by modernity,
and yet complete in every way.
You were an ocean of beauty.
Your eyes were like unfathomable lakes
At the bottom of which shone bright stars.
You were my true inspiration.
I was a lock, and you – my key.
Your unending love always besieged me.
I loved you, and you loved me.
Your face is engraved in my dreams.
Your memories, in my heartbeat.
My mind will always search for you
when cruel loneliness surrounds me.

A Christmas Feast

Just a dollop of happiness
with a sprinkle of cheer.
Nothing more and nothing less
for everyone on earth.

Just a serving of kindness
with a side of true love.
Nothing more and nothing less
for everyone on earth.

Just a slice of peacefulness
with a spread of contentment.
Nothing more and nothing less
for everyone on earth.

This is my wish for Christmas –
A feast for all our souls.
Something spiritually scrumptious –
A feast for one and all.

This is my wish for Christmas –
So we may learn to give
and make this world a better place
for everyone who lives.

On Happiness

So, since when did happiness become a problem?
Didn’t God make all of us in a likeness of His own?
We spent millions searching for a gene or chromosome,
and describing all the neurotransmitters in tomes.

Did we find the secret to everlasting contentment?
A pill, powder, or syrup to eliminate all resentment?
Could we capture exuberance in a little bottle
for a shot of exhilaration to put life in full throttle?

Why did it take us centuries to finally realize
how happiness can be manifested in our lives?
That, at times, we need to stop spinning on our axes
and seek within ourselves a state of pure bliss.

A touch, a melody, a fragrance, a taste, a picture
that revives a memory or creates a feeling of rapture.
Being thankful for all that was, is, and yet to come.
And giving away things to those who have none.

Not all of us were born with a silver spoon,
but we all have what it takes to be happy as a boon.
Just like a basket is spoilt by one rotten apple,
a smile easily spreads the jollity virus in people.

Light is best appreciated when there is darkness.
Just so, life is balanced by cheerfulness and sadness.
And if you need guidance, take a look at the little ones.
So, since when did happiness become a problem?