The Last Wish

If I ever met an old-lamp genie
who could grant me wishes three,
well, what would those wishes be?
And should I really stop at three?

I’d wish the aurochs would return
and also, the pink-headed ducks.
I’d wish the tourtes could fly again,
and cheetahs roam the Asian plains.

I’d wish there was a magical cure
for every sickness in this world.
I’d wish we had the supreme power
to realize that we are the cause.

I’d wish we did not need sadness
to know the value of happiness.
I’d wish the desire to oppress ends
and we could walk hand in hand.

The wishes I have are more than three,
so the third and last wish would be –
to make a wish for three more wishes
till there were no wishes left unfulfilled.

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