A New Year’s Message

Fill your hearts to the brim with cheer.
The gift of a brand New Year is here.
It’s the time to make resolutions anew.
Each one as bright as the sun at noon.

Let’s wave goodbye to the year that’s gone.
We learned, survived, and stayed strong.
The New Year beckons with a lot of hope
to forge new paths and to never ever stop.

So go to new places, make new friends,
go hike till you reach the rainbow’s end.
Go read new books, go get that degree
go earn that paycheck, go live life fully.

For opportunities and dreams never sleep.
They’re never lost; they can never be buried.
They move on riding with the cool breeze.
Waiting to be brought to life; to breathe.

We all are this New Year’s chosen ones.
The bold achievers and the young guns.
So, go forth and with your own alchemy,
go find that treasure from your dreams.