It’s a Girl!

“It’s a girl!” they told the mother
who gazed with love filled eyes
upon her little daughter
for the very first time.

“It’s a girl!” they told the father
whose heart swelled with pride
as he promised to be her
best friend and her guide.

“It’s a girl!” they told the grandma
who smiled so happily
at the thought of having someone
listen to her stories.

“It’s a girl!” they told the grandpa
who got up and danced
as he held his granddaughter
so lightly in his arms.

“It’s a girl!” they told her brother
who clapped his hands with joy
as now he had a sister to
play with and share his toys.

“It’s a girl!” said the Wise One
as He smiled at them from above.
“She was made by all the angels
With things lovely, sweet and pure.”

It’s a girl! It’s a girl!
As she steps into the world
with a special purpose,
she should be nurtured

with kindness and love
and a whole lot of care as
she deserves the chance to
live, be happy and prosper.