Memories of the past surround me.
Sometimes, I’m sad; sometimes, elated.
The paths of Fate are indeed cruel.
They meet only to be separated.
When I saw you first,
my world became anew.
I had never guessed
my heart was going askew.
Shy as you were
like a beautiful deer,
You were always close to me
and so very, very dear.
When you laughed,
the strings of the sitar rang.
When you talked,
the notes of the flute sang.
When you would cry and shed a tear,
the music of the veena filled the air.
So simple you were.
Unaffected by modernity,
and yet complete in every way.
You were an ocean of beauty.
Your eyes were like unfathomable lakes
At the bottom of which shone bright stars.
You were my true inspiration.
I was a lock, and you – my key.
Your unending love always besieged me.
I loved you, and you loved me.
Your face is engraved in my dreams.
Your memories, in my heartbeat.
My mind will always search for you
when cruel loneliness surrounds me.

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