Sounds of Summer

There is no day in the entire year
as melodious as a day in summer.
Listen to the breeze in the trees
rustling with the prancing leaves.
And in the distance, far, far away,
a koel calls out to its dear mate.
The blue sky without any spots
provides the perfect backdrop.
The sunlight spreads as if on cue
painting all things in a golden hue.
While boughs laden with mangoes
shout to be picked as they hang low.
But no one is as busy as the bees
as they buzz around making honey.
The evening brings some respite
to the birds as they dash about –
Tiny larks and colored pigeons,
mighty hawks and dark ravens.
And if you are keen-eyed, my dear,
you might even spot a kingfisher.
Their songs are heard everywhere –
A medley of tunes in the zephyrs.
Falling from this crescendo of light,
the day melts into the silent night.
I’m sure you’d agree when I say
there’s no comparison for this day.
Yes, I’d trade other days of the year
to listen to the sounds of summer.