The Last Flower of Spring

The last flower of spring
had a sweet song to sing.
Swaying in the cool wind,
to the past, it didn’t cling.

It sang of snows melting
and the chill relenting,
of buds awakening –
a new spring approaching.

It sang with tones lilting
of the sunrays kissing,
the fragrant air drifting,
of butterflies flitting.

Of hope, its words did ring,
spreading the good tidings.
Even the summer growing
in silence was tiptoeing.

The last flower of spring
sang of hard times ending
and the best times coming –
A song everlasting.


like pearls fallen from a string.
like diamonds in a wedding ring.

shine bright in the sunlight.
twinkle like bits of starlight.

Dewdrops –
children of the morning mist.
Dewdrops –
they are happy just to exist.

Dewdrops of every shape and size –
each one dazzles with its own light.
Dewdrops delight with their smiles.
May these dewdrops be our guides.


The groom waits in a suit of prussian blue.
The moon, clouds and stars are invited, too,
to celebrate the grandest of all rendezvous –
Two celestial beings uniting in a love so true.

With each passing second, he grows darker.
The stars twinkle as they all gossip and titter.
The moon shows off her gown of silver gossamer
While the clouds waltz around in a twirling manner.

Atlast the bride arrives, stepping towards the altar.
The celebrations pause as the long wait is over.
With a smile and a blush, they kiss each other-
The colors of their love spreading into the yonder.

And if you were awake, you may have seen
the guests saying goodbye as they were leaving
to tuck themselves in a place of sweet dreams
and return for another wedding in the evening.

Sounds of Summer

There is no day in the entire year
as melodious as a day in summer.
Listen to the breeze in the trees
rustling with the prancing leaves.
And in the distance, far, far away,
a koel calls out to its dear mate.
The blue sky without any spots
provides the perfect backdrop.
The sunlight spreads as if on cue
painting all things in a golden hue.
While boughs laden with mangoes
shout to be picked as they hang low.
But no one is as busy as the bees
as they buzz around making honey.
The evening brings some respite
to the birds as they dash about –
Tiny larks and colored pigeons,
mighty hawks and dark ravens.
And if you are keen-eyed, my dear,
you might even spot a kingfisher.
Their songs are heard everywhere –
A medley of tunes in the zephyrs.
Falling from this crescendo of light,
the day melts into the silent night.
I’m sure you’d agree when I say
there’s no comparison for this day.
Yes, I’d trade other days of the year
to listen to the sounds of summer.

To the Butterfly

O beautiful butterfly
flitting in the bower,
you shimmer vibrantly
in the bright sunlight
among all the flowers!

Do you ever notice
the myriad colors
splashed gleamingly
on your little wings
as you airily flutter?

Some say you’re blind
to your own beauty;
the shades that shine
as you fly and alight,
you’ll never know or see.

But I differently opine,
for if that were true
how could you ever find
another one of your kind,
just as beauteous as you?


Rain – falling from the heavens
cleansing everything
from the tallest skyscrapers
to the smallest blade of grass.

Rain – kisses from the skies
bringing forth life
from the tiny caterpillar
to trees covered with flowers.

Rain – each drop is an emotion
forming rivers and oceans
like cut and leaking veins
without cauterization.

Rain – arrows of the purest love
shot from Cupid’s bow
arching across the firmament
with its seven colours blazing.

Rain – constantly chattering
like a garrulous old woman
reminiscing her stories
of the times gone by.

Rain – woven into words
by the imagination of a poet.
A covenant from our Creator,
Rain – Rain on me forever.

The Girl in the Clouds

She was a fleeting vision
of translucent iridescence
as she strolled in silence
under the colored heavens.

Grey ribbons that tamed
her shoulder-length hair
beautifully complemented
her long, flowing dress.

And bell-shaped sleeves
billowing with the breeze
were matched by the wave
of the sash on her waist.

Her head leaned towards
a book held in her hands;
she was totally oblivious
of all the curious glances.

Then a gust hurried by-
She gazed up just a while,
gave a small, courteous bow,
and suddenly, she was gone.

Merging into all the shades
like water-drops on wet paint.
“Marvellous!” I thought aloud,
of the girl I saw in the clouds.

Summer Days

The sunlight bouncing off
the leaves on the trees
leaves bright motifs on
the floor through the grills.

The whispering wind
blowing ever so slowly
makes every moving thing
rejoice in joyous dancing.

The koel singing softly –
Songs floating in the breeze.
What could the notes mean?
Maybe love’s sweet melody.

The sun looking handsome
rising in the eastern skies
frowns glaringly by noon
like a lover tired of waiting.

The hills turning brown
with their sun burnt faces
tell stories of their own
to anyone who listens.

The sky showing its colors
without any cloudy specks
is that Eternal Artist’s canvas
with Art that can’t be imitated.

The beautiful summer day then
bids adieu as evening creeps
with the sun setting in the west,
its tete-a-tete a complete mystery.

These days, these golden days
in beauty are truly unparalleled.
O sands of time – pray stop and stay!
These summer days are all I crave!

The Storm

The night was dark.
The wind did howl.
The streets were empty.
The tramps didn’t prowl.
The sea was wild
with waves so high.
And in the fields
the flowers died.
The sky showered
great big drops
that filled the streets
and lashed tree tops.
The children wailed.
The mothers prayed,
“O Lord save us all
from this rainy hell!”

Rainy Days

Pitter patter fall the drops
from the skies non-stop.
Swift and fast comes the rain.
Clouds are overhead again.

Out come raincoats.
Out come umbrellas.
Out come the gumboots
and brandy from cellars.

Little children on the roads
shout and jump with the toads.
And worried mothers everywhere
cry out, “Come here! Come here!”

An earthy smell is in the air
as snakes and bugs give a scare.
Rivers and waterfalls overflow
and the sky is lit with a rainbow.

Peacocks dance and sing aloud.
All around the mist does shroud.
Brooding hearts sing out again.
Rainy days are here to stay!

Listen to the Raindrops!

Listen to the raindrops as they’re falling
from the grey skies on the window panes.
A chit chit chattering in the pitter pattering,
I can hear them calling out my name.

“Come outside and play,” they sing loudly.
“Get your friends ‘n brothers ‘n sisters too.
Splashing around in the rain is exciting,
and don’t forget to put on your gumboots.”

Trying to catch the raindrops in our hands,
feeling them run down our hair and faces,
jumping in puddles of water and sand,
shouting, we play with the frogs and snails.

Now the fire burning in the hearth is warm,
And a spot of brandy is inviting, too.
The evening skies turn cloudy and dark
While the rain is still falling on the roof.

A chit chit chattering in the pitter pattering,
can you hear them calling out your name?
“Come outside and play,” they sing loudly.
“Come outside and play…till we go away.”

Little White Roses

Little white roses
growing by the road.
Little white roses
with hearts made of gold.

Little white roses
though they cannot speak,
say much more than anyone
with feelings twice as sweet.

Little white roses
spreading love and peace.
Innocent white roses
never causing grief.

Little white roses
give the fragrance of life.
O erring, hurting humans!
May they be your guide.