The Lovefool and the Rose

A red rose bloom and a lovefool
on one Valentine’s Day in school –
She was the prettiest girl in class
oblivious of the love in his heart.

There, she was talking to her friends,
fresh like the blossom in his hand.
He stepped forward to let her know,
not noticing the crack in the floor.

A stumble, and he lost balance!
The rose flew off in that instance,
landing on a book of History
held by the principal while walking!

What followed next was comitragic –
A meet in the old dragon’s office.
And, to add to the embarrassment,
a letter was sent to his parents.

Thus ended the love before it began.
Cupid! Your arrow has strayed again!
What’ll happen next – nobody knows –
to the young lovefool and the rose!!!

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