This is the story of little Louie.
A story that tells the truth truly.
One fine day, he was on a tree
doing his bit chomping leaves.

And suddenly, what did he spy?
His own image in a pond nearby.
A lumpy green thing with eyes,
and short legs; he was surprised.

He shook his head with dejection.
Unhappy with his pudgy reflection.
In shock, disbelief, and depression,
he was dismayed at his situation.

And when the tears had been cried,
he went back to what he did in life.
Munching leaves with all his might.
Eating, eating without knowing why.

And there were times he did stray
towards the pond and see his image.
Repulsed he was with his ugliness.
Reviled, disgusted and so helpless.

And all he did was eat the leaves.
He did not smile, nor did he speak.
Rounder and greener became he.
Gobbling and nibbling on the tree.

Then came a moment on one day
when everything came to change.
Around himself, he spun a thread
spinning it till he covered himself.

Alone, he stayed in the darkness.
Not knowing what days lay ahead.
Memories reshaping in his head.
His body evolving in the little bed.

Hours ticked by, followed by days.
On the branch, his cocoon swayed.
The leaves he no longer craved.
The pond forgot he ever existed.

Till an invisible force shot through
his body, and all he did was push,
breaking the walls of the cocoon,
emerging in the dark like the moon.

Exhausted he was, a little confused,
suddenly aware of his form anew.
Wings on both his sides so colorful.
Spreading into a flight so beautiful.

The pride of the garden and bowers,
sipping only on nectar from flowers,
little Louie had come a lot farther
from his days as a pudgy caterpillar.

Oh, happiness and happiest of times
come to those who patiently abide
and believe in all the powers divine
to reveal the true wings of their lives.

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