Love Unrequited

The stranger’s eyes fell upon me.

Cupid struck; I was in love!

And across the room I could see

only him. The stars above

warned me and forbade me

to dream about him.

Many times, during a dark night’s sleep

I declared my love for him

and he would say the same to me.

Oh! But Cupid’s arrow had strayed.

And I saw my love dance and sing

and give his heart to her – and say –

that he loved her. The strings

that held my dream castles so lightly

broke and left tears lingering

on my face – my love unrequited.

The Poet

Walking down the banks one day,

what did I see beside the brook?

A man lay on the soft green grass

writing poems in his book.

I wish I was like this poet.

Sitting by the babbling brook,

I’d spend my hours writing happy songs

of nymphs and fairies in my book.