Who am I?

I am in the beat of a heart that yearns.
I am in the pain during a child’s birth.
I am in the old leaf falling from a tree.
I am in the prayer riding on the breeze.

I am in the silence that ends the fight.
I am in the wrong done to make it right.
I am in the eyes that light up with smiles.
I am in the memories that haunt at night.

I am in the hand that gives more than asked.
I am in the sweat that completes each task.
I am in the snuggles on a grey, rainy day.
I am in the cheer that’s shouted on the way.

Who am I? I hide; I am hidden; I seek,
I am sought; I reveal and I am revealed.
Forever, like the precious treasure trove,
I am the reason for it all – I am love.

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