The Ocean

The ocean is deep and vast.

Its beauty – unsurpassed.

Loved by everyone, feared by all,

A treasure house it is called.

Crowned by waves, glistening, silvery,

adorned with pearls of all kind,

its colossal womb gave birth to life,

the tiny cell that bore mankind.

Forever creating and destroying,

it itself is indestructible,

unpredictable, unconquerable,

it is a witness, irrepressible,

of revolutions that swept the earth

with secrets locked in its recesses

and mysteries of all the world.

From time immemorial it remained

and will remain as it remained.

Revered and honoured by everyone,

Be it bird, beast, or man.


Is there a place in this world?

Is there a place in this world

where there are no wars, only peace?

Where happiness soars in the sky

and people love each moment of their life?

Is there a place in this world

where no one is big, no one is small?

Where no one’s heart is made of ice

and everybody speaks in one voice?

Is there a place in this world

where there is no corruption?

Where every life has sweet beginnings

and, free from sins, has happy endings?

Is there a place as such?

Or is it just a dream?

Like a bubble in the stream

which bursts at the softest touch.

The Dawn

The night has passed.

A quiet night.

Its dark velvet cover

yielding to light.

A night of prayer;

A night of hope;

A night full of care;

This night of snow.

Then as softly

comes the dawn,

then so surely,

the day is won.

The Miracle

I looked up towards the sky.

To where the great eagles fly.

The clouds were slowly passing by.

In shades of dark grey and white.

And then, I saw the Miracle!

O! ’twas a wondrous spectacle!

The darkness parted to bring forth

The Fingers of God onto the Earth.

It was a Sign of His great design

A sight I would cherish for all time.

There were no questions in my mind.

He bought a new light into my life.

The light of blessing and belief

would cure the pain; bringing relief.

Happiness would now abound

where Sorrow long stood its ground.