To My Mother

It’s impossible to celebrate
your love in a single day.
It’s impossible to show gratitude
for this life with one thank you.
It’s impossible to speak
about all you’ve done for me.
It’s impossible to compare
your sacrifices with anything else.
And if the word impossible is
found only in a fool’s dictionary,
then I admit that I’m that fool,
for it’s impossible to describe you.
And in the end, this is all I say –
That I will celebrate you every day.

The Upside-Down Man

There once was a man
who lived upside-down.
And people in his town
called him a silly clown.

He walked on his hands
with his hat on his feet.
It was a funny sight as
he “strolled” in the streets.

He’d sit down to eat in a
manner that was peculiar
with his head on the chair
and both his legs in the air.

As if this was not enough,
he spoke in a weird tongue
in which all of his words
were backwards strung.

So in the market, as he said,
“Lard of pound a need I!”,
he ended up getting punched
and a pair of black eyes.

And there was that day too
when he asked a pretty lass,
“Please me with dance you would?”
What do you think she did next?

The girl frowned, and well,
she whacked him on his head,
and then off she quickly fled
after calling him ill-bred!!!

Then, one wet, rainy evening
while “walking” up the hill,
he slipped and came rolling
down like the ball in skittles.

His head hit a hard rock,
and in a hospital he woke,
but in a miracle of sorts,
he had been fully cured.

So this is the end of the story
of the strangest man in town.
He now makes people happy,
in the circus, as a clown.

Comma Rules!!!

Because it would not serve any cause
for words to be read without a pause,
here comes a mark with a superpower,
and you can call that hero – A Comma!

It is always up and ready to assist
while separating the items in a series
like the list you’d use when you visit
a shop to get bread, milk and cheese.

Sometimes, it makes an appearance
in such a series before the conjunction.
Here, it’s known as the Oxford comma
as in alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

It springs into action in a sentence
between clauses that are independent.
So it would then be correct to write –
the night is dark, but the moon is bright.

It separates the main part of a sentence
from an introductory clause or phrase.
As in – when I stepped out of the door,
I tripped on my cat and fell on the floor.

If there is a phrase or clause that isn’t
important to the meaning of a sentence,
then the helpful Comma encloses it all.
As in – Ben, the first one, had a great fall.

It jumps in to set off direct quotations
said by the speaker in conversations.
As in – Chloe said, “I wish I could fly
just like the birds in the blue sky.”

When writing a date, it’s used in a pair
to separate the year from the sentence.
As in – Years ago, on August 8, 1928,
June said “I do” to John as they wed.

If a title follows a name in a sentence,
then it is set off by Commas in a pair.
As in – Sandra Smith, MD, will now lead
the team in the department of pathology.

And numbers greater than four digits
are split by Commas into groups of three.
So start from the right, and you’d write –
100,000,000,000 stars in our galaxy!!!

Now you’d think that a pause in speech
is where the Comma is placed correctly,
but it would do you a world of good
if you remember the rules of its use.

The reason for that is simple, you see.
We all pause differently when we speak.
If you place Commas using your breath,
they’d be incorrect and make no sense.

A Love Poem

Love me forever like
the wind loves the rain;
like the warp loves the weft
in a long woven train.

Together, we’re the best
like wine and cheese;
a meld that allures
like musk and sweat.

Love me endlessly like
the cold loves the winter;
like the Sun loves the Earth
in this vast universe.

Love me with a love
that’ll always be true,
for this is exactly how
I will love you too.

Musings on Holi

Bright yellow sunbeams
falling on green leaves.
Silvery bits of moon rays
on midnight-blue waves.

Crimson rose blossoms
in the white, winter snow.
Violet, indigo, blue, green
yellow, orange, red rainbows.

Dusty brown, winding trails
in the dark-olive, misty hills.
Pink and lavender shades
when the vermillion Sun sets.

Flame-like Gulmohar flowers
and saffron Tesu in summers –
Undoubtedly, all of these are
some of our favorite colors.

So this Holi – let it not be all
about playing with Gulaal,
but let us celebrate Nature
and everything that is Hers.

Happy New Year

As ole Father Time
dodders to a new year,
the whole world unites 
to celebrate and cheer.

For some, it’s parties
with music and dance.
For others, it’s gifts
with love and romance.

For some, it’s banquets
with seven courses.
For others, it’s fireworks
with sky-lit auroras.

But tonight, I’ll count
all of my blessings.
And thank the Lord
for all His miracles.

For you are one of them.
You make it worthwhile.
You’re one of the reasons.
You mean a lot in my life.

So, it is with gratitude
that I say to you my dear –
Thanks for all you do
and a Happy New Year.

Christmas Day

Can you name this special day?
His Son was born today.
Rejoicing and with happiness,
I sing songs to celebrate.
Stockings on the mantelpiece,
Tinsel shining on the Trees,
Mistletoes with their red berries,
And striped canes of candy,
Silver bells ringing as they sway,
Dancing lights from lit candles,
Ask the angels, and they all say,
Yes! Yes! It’s Christmas Day!”

You Cannot Die

Your will is like the nishan of Ram
in the battle against the evil Ravan.
Your blood flows in your veins like
the Ganges surging with all her might.
You are the tiger that Ma Durga rides –
it’s strength and power personified.
You can create, protect and destroy
just like Brahma, Vishnu and Shivay.
You secure your motherland with
the Lakshman-rekha of your life.
You bear the weight of each minute
of freedom like the immortal Anjaneya.
You are not just your parents’ child,
but Bharat Ma’s wish that came to life.
Your every breath keeps Her alive.
You are Her soldier; you cannot die.

My Mother, My Angel

In the small sunny balcony
that faces the western hills,
on one breezy, summer day
Mom kept some pots of clay.

In all those, she sowed seeds –
Carrom, mustard and chillies.
Then there were some more
with spinach and tomatoes.

A special pot held the Tulsi.
In two, red-rose bushes grew.
And in a few, with large leaves
grew the ornamental varieties.

That’s a lovely garden in a flat!
What more could one say to that?
But there are things more beautiful
that Mom cultivated in my soul.

The seeds of “Happiness” and “Hope”
have grown like great green oaks.
The “Never Give Up,” with strong roots
has spread deep into my attitude.

A special rambler called “Love”
yeilds buds redder than blood
on the spiraling stalk of “Prayer”
that shoots right up to the heavens.

While bunches of “Music” and “Wit”
speckle the hedge of “Do Your Best.”
As the keeper of this sacred garden,
she waters and prunes every day.

Wouldn’t it be correct to state, then
that she’s the Gateway between
the Mortal me and the Divine?
My Mother – my angel in disguise.

How can You Find Fault with Me?

How can you find fault with me?
You say that I keep changing my mind.
Have you ever seen the waves in the sea?

How can you find fault with me?
You say that I talk more than a lot.
Have you ever heard a river rolling over rocks?

How can you find fault with me?
You say that I cry over little things.
Have you ever seen the rain falling from the heavens?

How can you find fault with me?
You say that I seek too much attention.
Have you ever seen the sun rising over the horizon?

How can you find fault with me?
You say that I want all of your love.
Have you ever seen the earth after a thunderstorm?

How can you find fault with me?
Just open your heart and you will see
the perfection in an “imperfect” me.

Sounds of Summer

There is no day in the entire year
as melodious as a day in summer.
Listen to the breeze in the trees
rustling with the prancing leaves.
And in the distance, far, far away,
a koel calls out to its dear mate.
The blue sky without any spots
provides the perfect backdrop.
The sunlight spreads as if on cue
painting all things in a golden hue.
While boughs laden with mangoes
shout to be picked as they hang low.
But no one is as busy as the bees
as they buzz around making honey.
The evening brings some respite
to the birds as they dash about –
Tiny larks and colored pigeons,
mighty hawks and dark ravens.
And if you are keen-eyed, my dear,
you might even spot a kingfisher.
Their songs are heard everywhere –
A medley of tunes in the zephyrs.
Falling from this crescendo of light,
the day melts into the silent night.
I’m sure you’d agree when I say
there’s no comparison for this day.
Yes, I’d trade other days of the year
to listen to the sounds of summer.

So What do You Think is in a Name?

So what do you think is in a name?
The name that becomes an acquaintance
The acquaintance that leads to friendship
The friendship that grows into romance

The romance that creates vows
The vows that seal the wedding
The wedding that multiplies love
The love that begets children

The children that make a family
The family that branches like a tree
The tree that gives pieces of timber
The timber that forms a burning pyre

The pyre that leaves behind reflections
The reflections that dig up memories
The memories that are in an album
The album that holds some pictures

The pictures that have captions
The captions that include names
The names that live through you
So what do you think is in a name?