Someone asked me

what I would do

if I met a fairy

out of the blue?

I thought I should ask

for a pair of dancing shoes,

a pink, silken gown,

and a big diamond crown.

But just then I saw

a child so sweet.

Who was in tattered clothes

crying down the street.

I saw a little boy.

Lame and blind was he.

And as he limped along,

with a small bowl begged he.

I didn’t care for dancing shoes.

A silk gown or a crown.

I had the answer to the question.

I would ask for them a haven.

Where they can laugh

and sing and play.

And won’t give people a chance to say,

“You filthy dog! Get out of my way!”


Bluebells and daffodils

sitting on the fence

wit’ the sun beams kissin’

’em on their pretty heads.

And yonder meadow green

dotted wit’ little daisies

is the place o’ my dreams

far from this mad city.

Take me away, o far away

wit’ the music in the breeze.

Unshackle these heavy chains

of bondage – set me free.


Life is so very practical.

It’s more than just fantasies.

And though it’s full of ecstasy,

it also has complexities.

Life is not a bed of roses.

It has both sweet and bitter doses.

It has got victory and defeat.

Only a fighter can take the lead.

Life is unique in this universe.

A cycle which is never reversed.

Life comes once and only once.

Don’t while it away in smoke and guns.


How I love to go

and play in the hills.

All by myself

in the quiet and still.

Among the green grass

I hop with the frogs,

and sing with the birds,

and walk on the logs.

Go under the waterfall

or sit on the rocks

or climb up a tree

and tear my socks.

I play in the morning.

I play in the evening.

All by myself

in the quiet and still.