God is Near

Some say He resides in the Heavens
and can only be reached by penance.
Some say He can be found in temples,
big or small, as per the many religions.

But the truth is this, and it’s what I say.
That He is near and just a prayer away.
Sometimes He’s in a hand that helps.
Sometimes He’s in a voice that tells.

He is the creator of the entire Universe.
He could never be bound by stone walls.
He is in the air we breathe every day.
He is on the paths we take on our ways.

His will is what keeps our hearts beating.
His words are a guide for those listening.
With Him, the stormiest night I can face.
For I know that He’s just a prayer away.


I have faith in my Lord!
He will see me through.
I have faith in my Lord!
I know He’s powerful.

I can reach out to Him
by following His Word.
He walks on beside me
as I tread in this world.

His ways are mystical.
At times, I may not see.
My paths are so puzzling,
but that’s His plan for me.

I know not how it’ll end,
but of one thing I’m sure.
He is my only friend,
and to Him I’ll return.

I have faith in my Lord!
He will see me through.
I have faith in my Lord!
I know He’s powerful.

PS: This poem has six syllables in each line.

My Journey

This path that I am set on,
this journey for which I was born –
A tiny spring in Your Master Plan,
a speck of time in a span of aeons.

To You, I dedicate my every step –
The start, the finish, my every breath.
You furnish my spirit with purpose.
My every deed is in Your service.

In each second that passes with time,
You ease the stumbles and the climbs.
Nothing can stop me on my journey,
for You are with me till the end.

A Moment of Happiness

Of all the moments in a day,
the only moment of happiness
is when I ponder on Your Name
as I send to You my prayers.

With You, I can see so clear –
the rainbow in each drop of rain.
You are the reason I can hear
the songs hidden in silence.

With Your blessings, I can sing
hymns of Your miracles and glories.
Your Word is the Light shielding me
from the Stygian tentacles of Sin.

Every breath I take is Your plan.
To You I will return in the end.
O Lord! Make me Your Instrument.
Give me this reason for happiness!

Nothing Compares to You

Nothing is as beautiful
as the light that shines
in the eyes that behold You.

Nothing is as sweet
as the sound from the lips
that speak of Your glory.

Nothing is as powerful
as the beat of the heart
where You forever dwell.

Nothing is as effective
as the prayer of the mind
that meditates on Your name.

Nothing is as deft
as the hands and feet
that commit to Your will.

Nothing is as blissful
as that moment when
the soul awakens to You.

O Lord! I praise You!
For nothing, absolutely
nothing, compares to You.