The Meadow

Meet me tonight in the meadow of my dreams
under the moonlit sky and the cool silky breeze.
Let me hear the strong beating of your heart
as you hold me so close in your loving arms.

Let the sleepy poppies awaken as they overhear
you whisper sweet little nothings in my ears.
Let the curious white daisies blush as I describe
the glow from the fireflies in your blue eyes.

Let the fragrance of the lilies spread in the air
as you weave them, with your hands, in my hair.
Let me sing to you songs that profess my love
as you say you love me as infinitely as the stars above.

Let the scent of our bodies mingle with that of the grass
as our love grows past seconds, minutes, and hours.
O! Meet me every night with the meadow as the witness
to the neverending spring of our love and our trysts.

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