Take a Pause

Now, what would be a cause for a pause?
We could carry on endlessly like a clock.
More work could be accomplished daily
if there were no reasons for a dilly dally.

Just imagine a life where you don’t stop
and keep on spinning like a child’s top –
A series of tasks, reports, and deadlines –
More profits and improved bottomlines.

Now, pray, come with me to the garden.
Let’s walk, taking the path less trodden.
Look at the ladybugs, all red and black
on the white roses lining the dirt track.

The grass shines like Indian emeralds
as dew glistens on leaves and petals.
Listen to the symphony of the evening –
The bees humming, the birds singing.

And yonder are the dark olive-green hills
standing stoically not unlike sentinels.
Witness the skies turn bright crimson
as they say goodbye to the setting sun.

Can you see the shapes in the clouds?
Two fiery dragons engaged in a bout.
Let’s stroll on till the moon peeps out
lighting up our way in a silver shroud.

Tomorrow will arrive at its quick pace
and its series of chores and challenges,
but wouldn’t you agree that it’s better
if you took a break in the lap of nature?

Rejuvenate the cogwheels of the mind,
forgetting the deadlines for some time.
Take a long walk, and you will figure
that this pause will make you the richer.

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