What’s in My Name

What’s in my name? It was never mine.
Although I’ll bear it for my entire life.
No, I had neither choice nor any say
in the name I’m called with every day.

So what’s in my name, you would say?
Call me differently, and I’ll be the same.
But when I think about it, I do realize
that my name was never really mine.

It was what my family envisioned for me
when I arrived – their hopes and dreams.
In that name, they felt all the happiness.
That name resounded with my existence.

With this name, I will never feel lonely
for I’ll carry with me a piece of my family.
The name I bear may not be my definition
but behind it lie the purest intentions.

So what’s in my name? Well, it’s clear –
it’s a sign by my ancestors, my dears.
It was never for me to use by myself.
It’s not a description, but my inheritance.

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