Whispers of the Night

As I lay on my bed and close my eyes to sleep,
The night comes alive and whispers to me.
I hear the rustle of the trees in the cool breeze
As magical little pixies prance on their leaves.

The air is fragrant with the queen of the night
As the iridiscent fairies softly hum a lullaby.
The moonbeams spread just enough light
For me to see a dream with my droopy eyes.

And then there are the insolent crickets
Who chirp away excitedly in the grassy thickets.
Their chorus stays constant with every minute
As they spy on the dance of the garden spirits.

The nocturnal merrymaking then slowly cease
As the rosy light steals across from the east.
The world rubs its eyes and stirs up on its feet
And I wait for another night to whisper to me.

To Me

There are two sides of every coin. Similarly, there can be two ways to perceive oneself. You can either look at the glass as being half empty or half full. Here is a poem that attempts to do both. So which one is you?

Please note – this is a reverse poem, so read it both ways – from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

This is who I am.
I want to define myself.
As I gaze at my reflection
I see someone who has tried
And lost all heart and hope.
I don’t see a person who fought
To win against difficulties.
I see someone who could do all
To run away from life’s pitfalls.
I don’t see a person who wants
To achieve every dream.
I think I could put in my efforts
To face this truth about myself.
As I gaze at my reflection
I want to define myself.
This is who I am.

A Love That Never Fades

I found an orange rose outside my door
On the morning of my sixteenth birthday.
A multitude of questions had me floored.
With many emotions, my heart did sway.

The next day, too, I was greeted by a rose.
A bloom that brought a smile on my face.
Was it from a secret admirer or a beau?
Who kept it? There was not a single trace.

All through school and college, I did grow.
And every morning, my door it graced.
I smiled, laughed, shared, and loved more
Like the dew-laden bud left at my place.

That age passed like a river that flowed,
And I always looked forward to each day.
Overcoming pitfalls that life could throw,
The rose made me more than I could say.

Then, one day, perchance I came to know
My mother kept the rose there every day –
She wanted to make me feel so adored
With a love that would never fade away.