Whispers of the Night

As I lay on my bed and close my eyes to sleep,
The night comes alive and whispers to me.
I hear the rustle of the trees in the cool breeze
As magical little pixies prance on their leaves.

The air is fragrant with the queen of the night
As the iridiscent fairies softly hum a lullaby.
The moonbeams spread just enough light
For me to see a dream with my droopy eyes.

And then there are the insolent crickets
Who chirp away excitedly in the grassy thickets.
Their chorus stays constant with every minute
As they spy on the dance of the garden spirits.

The nocturnal merrymaking then slowly cease
As the rosy light steals across from the east.
The world rubs its eyes and stirs up on its feet
And I wait for another night to whisper to me.

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