I will Rise and Shine

You can tie stones to my feet
and push me in an ocean deep,
but swim to the surface, I will,
and glow like a precious pearl.

You can dig a bottomless pit
and bury me deep inside it,
but grow like a seed, I will,
and bloom like a golden orchid.

You can scale the highest peak
and throw me in the deep valley,
but fly in the blue skies, I will,
and soar like the mighty eagle.

You can light the biggest pyre
and burn me to ashes in that fire,
but rise like the Phoenix, I will,
and live on like the legend lives.

No matter how difficult it gets,
I will overcome all challenges.
I am the superhero of my life.
I will always rise and shine.

The Miracle of Maternity

To catch a speck of stardust
and build from it a heart that beats.
To grab a flake of cloudy fluff
and turn it to a dream that breathes.

To clasp a small piece of nothing
and mould it into an angel of light.
To take a tiny bit of heaven itself
and create from it a little child.

Who could that blessed one be?
To perform such miracles as He?
To bring forth life from a tiny seed –
It’s a woman’s journey of maternity.

It’s a Girl!

“It’s a girl!” they told the mother
who gazed with love filled eyes
upon her little daughter
for the very first time.

“It’s a girl!” they told the father
whose heart swelled with pride
as he promised to be her
best friend and her guide.

“It’s a girl!” they told the grandma
who smiled so happily
at the thought of having someone
listen to her stories.

“It’s a girl!” they told the grandpa
who got up and danced
as he held his granddaughter
so lightly in his arms.

“It’s a girl!” they told her brother
who clapped his hands with joy
as now he had a sister to
play with and share his toys.

“It’s a girl!” said the Wise One
as He smiled at them from above.
“She was made by all the angels
With things lovely, sweet and pure.”

It’s a girl! It’s a girl!
As she steps into the world
with a special purpose,
she should be nurtured

with kindness and love
and a whole lot of care as
she deserves the chance to
live, be happy and prosper.

The Bride

Like morning dew on rose petals, tears line her eyes.
The hint of a smile upon her lips hides the uncertainty inside.
And under the pressures of expectations that are on the rise,
she has to metamorphose into a diamond shining so bright.

For today, she leaves the only family she knows
to embrace another one as part of her fate
while beautiful people in beautiful clothes arrive at her door
to eat, sing, dance, make merry and celebrate.

What does she get when she has given up everything?
Are her dreams and wishes worth nothing?
And should her hopes be laid to rest, unceremoniously
under a pile of social norms and opinions?

Or is she the example of one who is brave
as she sets out into the unfamiliar, uncharted territory
of a new house, new relationships and a new name
to be the half that begins life’s very own story?