On Happiness

So, since when did happiness become a problem?
Didn’t God make all of us in a likeness of His own?
We spent millions searching for a gene or chromosome,
and describing all the neurotransmitters in tomes.

Did we find the secret to everlasting contentment?
A pill, powder, or syrup to eliminate all resentment?
Could we capture exuberance in a little bottle
for a shot of exhilaration to put life in full throttle?

Why did it take us centuries to finally realize
how happiness can be manifested in our lives?
That, at times, we need to stop spinning on our axes
and seek within ourselves a state of pure bliss.

A touch, a melody, a fragrance, a taste, a picture
that revives a memory or creates a feeling of rapture.
Being thankful for all that was, is, and yet to come.
And giving away things to those who have none.

Not all of us were born with a silver spoon,
but we all have what it takes to be happy as a boon.
Just like a basket is spoilt by one rotten apple,
a smile easily spreads the jollity virus in people.

Light is best appreciated when there is darkness.
Just so, life is balanced by cheerfulness and sadness.
And if you need guidance, take a look at the little ones.
So, since when did happiness become a problem?

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