Listen to the voices singing!
Listen to the drums beating!
See, they all are celebrating
the festival of new beginnings!

A day that’s revered and sacred.
Uniting all with a common thread.
The rituals and traditions may differ,
but not the emotions and fervor.

A day that marks Ganga’s descent
from the heavens to cleanse our sins.
Also, the bountiful harvest of spring
that the first day of this new year brings.

Look at the temple decorations,
the bustling fairs and processions.
People taking dips in the holy rivers,
the bhangra dances, and the langars.

The folk songs and prayer ceremonies
with the giving of alms to the needy.
And if you still can’t guess what day it is –
Let me tell you, my friend, it’s Vaisakhi!

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