In moments that I can call my own,
Negotiating with my muddled mind,
Turbulent thoughts shout and echo
Reaching out for help but can’t find.
Opens then my third eye to look within,
See through the forest of confusion,
Peel away the layers that mar vision,
Enlightening myself by introspection –
Concious and deep inner examination
Till the muddy waters settle to reveal
Inside me are the answers that I seek.
Overcoming all that’s overwhelming,
Never forgetting and forever evolving.

PS: This is an acrostic poem penned by me. Do join the first letter of each line and see the word that is revealed.

6 thoughts on “Introspection

  1. Not easy penning a poem in acrostic style .. you’ve done pretty well indeed in this aspect … in sync with the title, the content is quite abstract mostly, but cleverly & clearly brought out to the reader … and being a Rhyme ‘n Meter kind myself, I love your R’nM style too .. a bit off at the end but that’s where your poetic license has been well used I think 🙂 … very well done & keep ‘em coming! 👌👍👏👏

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