The Little Joys of Life

And so I commission my pen to write
about the things that make me smile.
The list is lengthy; it takes me a while
to search in the caverns of my mind.

The smooth, cool floor under my feet
when I wake up after a night’s sleep.
The sight of the pretty colored flowers
when I’m in a rush during office hours.

The moon shining through the window,
a book that speaks words I didn’t know,
the sound of the sea caught in a shell,
the stories that my granny used to tell.

Discovering an old diary with scribbles,
a jar full of almond cookies to nibble,
photos and albums full of memories,
souvenirs of times when I was carefree.

The rainbow arching on a rainy day,
seeing the little ones laugh and play,
traveling with friends on long drives –
These little things bring joy in my life.

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