Mind Matters

The mind is a trickster.
It’s like a shape shifter.
Searching for patterns
in realms of confusion.

At times, it falls in love
at the very first glance.
At times, it breaks up
after years of romance.

At times, it sees hope
in situations so dire.
At times, it gives up
after dousing the fire.

At times, it’s dreaming
of things so unreal.
At times, it’s thinking
of answers to riddles.

At times, it convinces
to walk down the path.
At times, it debates
the decision for hours.

Failures or successes –
Webs of perceptions
woven with the senses
by the lord of intellection.

What’s fruit for one man
is poison for the other.
Yes, it’s all in the mind,
my sisters and brothers.

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