A Tale of Water and Stone

One fine day, Water and Stone
got into a heated argument
about who was more powerful
and couldn’t reach a consensus.

So they asked all the little birds
flocking at the side of the river.
The birds got into a conference,
but couldn’t arrive at a decision.

Then, Water suggested they ask
the sunshine in which all bask,
but Stone said the rays were biased –
They often shone on Water’s surface.

With no answer yet to the question,
they went to the wise old woman,
who lived at the edge of the village.
Yes, she was known to be like a sage.

The evening sun was almost setting
while she put down her cup of tea.
She was busy weaving flower jewelry
to be sold in the market for pennies.

Just as she put on her shoes to leave,
the two approached her, still fighting.
After hearing both of them speak,
she shook her head and said wisely,

“There are times when I have seen
water breaking stones into pieces.
and times when water has been held
by stone dams and embankments.

So, here’s the answer to your question –
The most powerful is Circumstance.
Be gone, for there’s work to be done!”
With that, she left, singing a folk song.

It would seem that she had finally lit
a candle in the dark for the two misfits.
And so it was that with no argument,
the two enemies became best friends.

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