Christmas Day

Can you name this special day?
His Son was born today.
Rejoicing and with happiness,
I sing songs to celebrate.
Stockings on the mantelpiece,
Tinsel shining on the Trees,
Mistletoes with their red berries,
And striped canes of candy,
Silver bells ringing as they sway,
Dancing lights from lit candles,
Ask the angels, and they all say,
Yes! Yes! It’s Christmas Day!”

Ho ho ho!!!

Here he comes on the eve of Christmas
With a jolly ho ho ho!
Wearing red and white and a big, bright smile
With a jolly ho ho ho!

He has sparkles in his eyes like stars in the sky
With a jolly ho ho ho!
And a snowy beard that sways when he cheers
With a jolly ho ho ho!

He comes from far away in his magical sleigh
With a jolly ho ho ho!
Led by eight reindeer; he gave each one a name!
With a jolly ho ho ho!

Flying high and low from the icy North Pole,
With a jolly ho ho ho!
He brings gifts of joy for all good girls and boys
With a jolly ho ho ho!

Down the chimney spout, he enters the house
With a jolly ho ho ho!
And fills each stocking with treats and blessings
With a jolly ho ho ho!

Then up he goes through the chimney to the roof
With a jolly ho ho ho!
And if you’re awake, you will see him on his sleigh
With a jolly ho ho ho!

If you couldn’t guess – who’s that midnight guest?
With a jolly ho ho ho!
Give it a little thought – Yes! It is Santa Claus!
With a jolly ho ho ho!

Santa’s Xmas Clause

Soon it’ll be Christmas –
that holiest of days with
carols and celebrations
and gifts under the Trees.

Now before the wish lists
are sent to the North Pole,
and before the stockings
are hung on the mantle,

there is something that
needs your consideration,
something important that
needs your full attention.

So, take a little time
to take a little pause
and truly understand
Santa’s Xmas Clause.

Be kind to everyone
you meet on your way –
your family and friends
and even the strays.

Mind all your manners
and be well behaved.
Listen to your parents
and heed all they say.

Good deeds weigh more.
So being helpful helps.
The weak and the old –
treat them with care.

If you’ve done all these
on each day of the year,
then you’ve earned a visit
from Santa, my dears.

So, be sure to remember
the words above because
these are the terms
of Santa’s Xmas Clause.

Soon it’ll be Christmas
and more than the lights,
it’s the spirit that matters
and keeps our faith alive.

Lola’s Christmas

It was on a Christmas eve
when Lola Palola, all of six
sat near the little Xmas tree
scribbling down her wish list.

First was a doll with golden hair
like the one her best friend had.
A dress and ribbons were next
in the letter meant for Santa.

It was on a Christmas eve
when Lola Palola, all of sixteen
put the last angel on the tree
and laid the table with treats.

She walked with dreamy eyes
without a care in the world
smiling and sharing kisses
under the ruby red mistletoe.

It was on a Christmas eve
when Lola Palola, all of thirty
told her own children to believe
in the power of their good deeds.

As she saw their little lists,
she herself had only one wish.
That her love returns safely
from the war across the seas.

It was on a Christmas eve
when Lola Palola, all of fifty
saw all of her family gather
around the little Xmas tree.

The hearth was warm with fire
as she joined her hands in prayer
and sang with thanks in her heart
Of the joys of Christmas day.

A Song for Xmas

Who puts the colors
in all the flowers?
Who puts the light
into the vast skies?
Who puts in us
a heart that loves?
The buzzing bees,
Songs in the breeze
are all by You, Almighty!

So, today, we dedicate
to You all our ways,
and on this blessed day,
we offer our praise
For You are the Master,
Our heavenly Father.
Yours are the hands
that never rest and
a love that never ends.


The church bells ring,
the trumpets sound,
the roses bloom,
the sorrows drown.
The moon adorns herself
in a gown of shimmering rays.
The radiant stars fill the sky
like diamonds in a maid’s hair.
The perfumed air enchants the night.
No soul rests down to sleep.
The angels above come to Earth.
They sing and dance among the Trees.
The heavens declare,
the whole world says,
’tis Christmas ’tis Christmas,
’tis the Lord’s birthday!