A New Year’s Message

Fill your hearts to the brim with cheer.
The gift of a brand New Year is here.
It’s the time to make resolutions anew.
Each one as bright as the sun at noon.

Let’s wave goodbye to the year that’s gone.
We learned, survived, and stayed strong.
The New Year beckons with a lot of hope
to forge new paths and to never ever stop.

So go to new places, make new friends,
go hike till you reach the rainbow’s end.
Go read new books, go get that degree
go earn that paycheck, go live life fully.

For opportunities and dreams never sleep.
They’re never lost; they can never be buried.
They move on riding with the cool breeze.
Waiting to be brought to life; to breathe.

We all are this New Year’s chosen ones.
The bold achievers and the young guns.
So, go forth and with your own alchemy,
go find that treasure from your dreams.

Happy New Year

As ole Father Time
dodders to a new year,
the whole world unites 
to celebrate and cheer.

For some, it’s parties
with music and dance.
For others, it’s gifts
with love and romance.

For some, it’s banquets
with seven courses.
For others, it’s fireworks
with sky-lit auroras.

But tonight, I’ll count
all of my blessings.
And thank the Lord
for all His miracles.

For you are one of them.
You make it worthwhile.
You’re one of the reasons.
You mean a lot in my life.

So, it is with gratitude
that I say to you my dear –
Thanks for all you do
and a Happy New Year.

A New Year Message

Do you hear the hands of the clock
as they scurry tick tock tick tock
to the first second of the first minute
of the first hour of the first day
of a brand new year and decade?

As I reflect on the year gone by,
I reminisce about all the times
and the folks who made me smile.
And there is no doubt in my mind –
you’re one of that special kind.

So as a token of appreciation,
with a dash of warm affection,
I take this wonderful occasion
to say to you – thank you dear
and wish you a Happy New Year.

On Dussehra

The bells – they are ringing
in the temples by the river
while in the packed ground,
an arrow leaves its quiver.

Streaking through the air,
it finally finds its mark.
Raavan, with his ten heads,
is brought down at last.

Blazing up with fireworks
lighting the evening skies,
the end of legendary evil
makes a really pretty sight.

“Jai Shri Ram! Jai Shri Ram!”
The crowd chants with fervor,
for on this night of Dussehra,
Light has conquered the dark.

O children of that glorious Light!
Celebrate Dussehra everyday
with hope winning over despair
and knowledge over ignorance.

O children of the Supreme Good!
May this auspicious tenth day
awaken the powers inside you
that will guide you on your way.

Verbs for the New Year

What better time than
the end of the year
to write a little poem –
about verbs, my dears.

And, as Time turns its
pages to a New Year,
these are like the gifts
that will bring you cheer.

Smile – it works like sunshine
Run – a little goes a long way
Read – it gets the mind working
Learn – a new thing every day

Give – to those who don’t have
Share – with those who need
Laugh – it opens up the heart
Sow – seeds that become trees

Spend – time with loved ones
Count – your blessings everyday
Travel – to a new destination
Eat – to keep your health in check

Pray – it’s the divine connection
Play – be wise and also fair
Look – for a light in all situations
Hope – the answers will be there

Dance – with music in your heart
Sing – without any occasions
Write – messages to those afar
Drink – everything in moderation

Breathe – easy and very deeply
Speak – be truthful and nice
Love – each and every minute
Live – you only get one life