How I Played Holi

It’s Holi morning! I want to play with the colors.
I pick up the packets of red and yellow powders.
And run with these to smear on my elder brother.
But he gets away as he can run much faster.

I think my baby sister would like to be colored pink.
So I walk to her small cradle, shouting, “Happy Holi!”
But I’m shooed away quickly by my grandmother,
Who said, “If only she was a little older, and I, a little younger!”

So then, I decide to spray the colors on my mother.
But she’s making sweets and should not be bothered.
Finally, I feel my father would surely celebrate with me.
So I search the house, but he’s at the market – shopping.

It’s the festival of colors. Who do I play with?!
Suddenly, I see Kanha in the prayer room beckoning.
I rush there and color His face with the gulaal.
No one saw it, but I played Holi with Nandlaal.

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