If We Ever Meet Again

If we ever meet again,
I’d hold your hand and never let go
be it blustering winds, hail or snow.

If we ever meet again,
I’d walk with you on the sandy beach
and listen to you tell me your dreams.

If we ever meet again,
I’d capture your picture with my eyes –
the way you laugh and the way you smile.

If we ever meet again,
I’d spend all of my moments with you –
forget the past, make memories new.

If we ever meet again,
I’d tell you my secrets – my heart’s truths.
And waste no time to say – I love you.

PS: This poem has nine syllables in the second and third lines of each stanza.

Behind the Wall

This is an acrostic poem penned by me. Do join the first letter of each line and see what you get.

Behind the wall,
Everybody wants acceptance –
Hopes for unconditional love.
I’m sure you are no different.
Now the truth is simple.
Do you also see?
There is no miracle.
Here is the key to the
Everlasting verity.
When you seek something,
All you have to do is give.
Let the wall down.
Let your wishes live.

The Pursuit of Love

The pursuit of love is as old as time.
It needs no words, songs or rhymes.
The ephemeral mayflies know it well.
So do the whales that in oceans dwell.
And humankind would not ever exist
if the first pair was spared from this.
Sometimes, it leads to happy endings
At others, there’s war and destruction.
Like the gaily colored flitting butterfly,
one cannot know where it will alight.
Will it fulfill dreams or cause confusion?
Will it foster happiness or delusions?
But, as long as there are stars above,
so will be alive … the pursuit of love.

The Journey Alone

I went on a journey alone
down a long, winding road.
On the way, I met some flowers.
I rejoiced in seeing their colors.
A few smiled at me cheerfully
while other prickly ones hurt me.
Then, there were the great trees.
sheilding me from gusty breeze,
with sweet fruits that I could eat,
and leafy beds for me to sleep.
The road I walked had rocks in it.
On some, I stumbled down and fell
while others let me sit and rest
giving respite to my tired legs.
As I skipped to the road’s end,
I came to a mighty, blue ocean.
In it, I swam with all my strength,
against the tides and currents.
Till I reached my final destination –
A place that was beyond description.
With no crowns or victory trophies,
just a sense of satisfaction in me,
for this journey I took by myself
is the bittersweet story of life itself.

The Bee and I

There’s a bee in the kitchen!
O what shall I do?
There’s a bee in the kitchen!
It might sting me too.

I hide behind the pans
in some kind of dance,
but the bee has got plans,
so I don’t stand a chance.

Towards me it dives
with a fighter jet’s speed.
I jump to the side,
and it follows me.

Then it buzzes close –
inches from my nose
as I hop on the floor
to get to the window.

I open the glass frames
so it can zip outside,
but it’s more than a game
for this aerial spy.

Did it think I’m a threat?
Of that I am sure,
for in the next minute,
it was all over.

There’s a bee in the kitchen!
O what shall I do?
There’s a bee in the kitchen!
And it has stung me too.


Sometimes we are disappointed by people or circumstances. This is largely due to our expectations from them. But what if our perception and expectations could change? Here is a poem that attempts to do that.

(Please note – this is a reverse poem, so read it both ways- upside down and downside up.)

This is what I believed.
To limit my expectations!
My parents never told me-
Try and achieve anything
Like the spider and the king
I mustn’t believe in stories!
My teachers never told me
To chase all my dreams
I don’t have the strength
My friends never told me –
I deserve the best from life.
All that I heard was this-
You can’t! You shouldn’t!
The world never told me
I could work to succeed.
And this is what I believed.


Shades of crimson in the skies.
Is it a sunset or sunrise?
That isn’t the question at this time.
What matters is that I’m alive
to see these colors divine.
All my hopes are revived.
As a new day has arrived
for me to seize and make it mine.

A Moment of Happiness

Of all the moments in a day,
the only moment of happiness
is when I ponder on Your Name
as I send to You my prayers.

With You, I can see so clear –
the rainbow in each drop of rain.
You are the reason I can hear
the songs hidden in silence.

With Your blessings, I can sing
hymns of Your miracles and glories.
Your Word is the Light shielding me
from the Stygian tentacles of Sin.

Every breath I take is Your plan.
To You I will return in the end.
O Lord! Make me Your Instrument.
Give me this reason for happiness!

Who’s That?

Who’s that a knock-knock-knocking
at the valves of my heart?
Like the raindrops a drop-drop-dropping
making me want to dance.

Whose name is a drum-drum-drumming
in the corners of my mind?
Like a tune that’s a hum-hum-humming
on my lips all the time.

Who’s that a smile-smile-smiling
in my sparkling eyes?
Like the moon that’s a shine-shine-shining
keeping me up at night.

And if you are a guess-guess-guessing –
Who that special person could be?
The one who sets me a spin-spin-spinning
is you…yes only you…my baby.