My Dream

Much has been written about dreams.
Much that could fill papers and reams –
They are messages from the universe
sent to the dreamer for better or worse.

They are thoughts that are imaginary,
Images and sensations, all involuntary.
But I want to dream the dream less dreamed –
A dream in which I’m someone else’s dream.

I want to be the hand that offers help.
I want to be the guiding voice that tells.
I want to be the map for the directionless.
I want to be the light in their darkness.

Yes, fairies and unicorns have their magic.
But wouldn’t you all agree when I say this –
The world would be a much better place
If the dream I dream came true every day.

4 thoughts on “My Dream

  1. Lovely thought. Yes,the world would be happier and enlightened as Buddha, Jesus, Nanak, Kabir, Socrates et al.

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