The Choice

‘Twas on a glowing autumn evening,
there came at Stan’s door a knocking.
Two guests sat near the hearth
The angel of life and the angel of death.

One wore robes of the finest silk
like the sun rising over the hills.
The other was adorned in shades
of changing leaves in the glades.

Each put forth his argument
bidding Stan to take a decision,
For whomever he chose to be with
would stay and the other would leave.

“Life is like a stroll through
a corridor with many doors
behind each of which lies
a sea of possibilities.”

“Death is the end
of all suffering.
It is the place where
one rests in peace.”

“Life is like a race
through a puzzling maze
with twists and turns
of highs and lows.”

“In death lies the final
truth that makes people
equal for it sees no
barriers and no emotions.”

“Life is like a river flowing
through deep valleys finding
its way through stones and
changing them into sand.”

“Death seeks no deeds or
accomplishments for
it will eventually come
to everything in turn.”

Having heard them both,
it was Stan’s turn to speak.
He said, “Death is inevitable
and will certainly overtake.

But life holds experiences
in each and every moment.
The pain and the glory
together make the story.”

So, as day came to end the night,
he held the hand of the angel of life.
And, the angel of death who said no more
was shown out through the door.

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