Walk the tightrope to the end.
Don’t look down. Not yet, my friend.
Swim across the ocean wide.
Against the currents and the tides.
Fly across the great blue sky,
overcoming all worries and strife.
Run along the winding road for
at its end lies the true abode.
And when you come to that door,
The crown of victory will be yours.

Little White Roses

Little white roses
growing by the road.
Little white roses
with hearts made of gold.

Little white roses
though they cannot speak,
say much more than anyone
with feelings twice as sweet.

Little white roses
spreading love and peace.
Innocent white roses
never causing grief.

Little white roses
give the fragrance of life.
O erring, hurting humans!
May they be your guide.

The Piper

Piper, piper, play me a song
so I can dance
and sing along.

Piper, piper, I hear you now
and I’ll follow you
beyond the clouds.

Piper, piper, stop playing your pipe
for I’ll stay awhile
in this place o’ light.

The Angel

I asked if she
would help me
to cross the street.

My vision’s a blur;
I don’t even hear
my bones as they creak.

The street’s so wide;
I cannot decide
where to point my feet.

She took my hand
and like a lamb
I followed silently.

She left me standing
at the gate, wond’ring,
of this castle by the street.

“This is where you’ll be.”
She said to me
and turned away to leave.

I asked her name
and why she came
and where she had brought me.

“Your angel,” she said.
“And Heaven’s this place
Where you’ll rest in peace.”

The Apostrophe and Me

With the bright sun scorching
the afternoon skies at three,
I turned the page to
The Apostrophe.

Little did I know about
Grammar’s sinister plot
for the apostrophe to
put me in a tight spot.

Apparently, the apostrophe
works just like quick concrete
holding words together when
one or more letters are missing.

It appears in can’t and in don’t,
but not in pant and in font.
Wouldn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t
would all be incorrect without it.

All’s well so far, but it doesn’t end.
For the apostrophe, with a friend – the s
is also used to show possession –
something belonging to someone else.

Here it gets murkier as the s
follows it if the possesor’s singular,
and if it’s a plural that ends in an s,
the apostrophe alone follows that s.

So if Larry had a cat that had a tail,
it’s correct to write Larry’s cat’s tail.
If he had cats, there’d be many tails,
and it’s written as Larry’s cats’ tails.

Give up already? No? there’s more.
What about children, men, women,
mice and geese – no s ends these.
Here both the apostrophe and s come in.

So it’s children’s toys, men’s shoes,
And women’s department all true.
Adding to all that confusion
is that most confounding rule.

Now it’s should be used as “it is”.
And here’s where the catch is –
It’s also used with no apostrophe
As the bird’s in its nest on the tree.

To apostrophe or not to apostrophe
that was the question you see.
Was it Karen’s and Jane’s bikes?
Or Peter and Ron’s fight?

I closed the book with bleary eyes
Not certain if I had got it right
praying to all the powers that be
to help me with the apostrophe…

It’s a Girl!

“It’s a girl!” they told the mother
who gazed with love filled eyes
upon her little daughter
for the very first time.

“It’s a girl!” they told the father
whose heart swelled with pride
as he promised to be her
best friend and her guide.

“It’s a girl!” they told the grandma
who smiled so happily
at the thought of having someone
listen to her stories.

“It’s a girl!” they told the grandpa
who got up and danced
as he held his granddaughter
so lightly in his arms.

“It’s a girl!” they told her brother
who clapped his hands with joy
as now he had a sister to
play with and share his toys.

“It’s a girl!” said the Wise One
as He smiled at them from above.
“She was made by all the angels
With things lovely, sweet and pure.”

It’s a girl! It’s a girl!
As she steps into the world
with a special purpose,
she should be nurtured

with kindness and love
and a whole lot of care as
she deserves the chance to
live, be happy and prosper.

The Choice

‘Twas on a glowing autumn evening,
there came at Stan’s door a knocking.
Two guests sat near the hearth
The angel of life and the angel of death.

One wore robes of the finest silk
like the sun rising over the hills.
The other was adorned in shades
of changing leaves in the glades.

Each put forth his argument
bidding Stan to take a decision,
For whomever he chose to be with
would stay and the other would leave.

“Life is like a stroll through
a corridor with many doors
behind each of which lies
a sea of possibilities.”

“Death is the end
of all suffering.
It is the place where
one rests in peace.”

“Life is like a race
through a puzzling maze
with twists and turns
of highs and lows.”

“In death lies the final
truth that makes people
equal for it sees no
barriers and no emotions.”

“Life is like a river flowing
through deep valleys finding
its way through stones and
changing them into sand.”

“Death seeks no deeds or
accomplishments for
it will eventually come
to everything in turn.”

Having heard them both,
it was Stan’s turn to speak.
He said, “Death is inevitable
and will certainly overtake.

But life holds experiences
in each and every moment.
The pain and the glory
together make the story.”

So, as day came to end the night,
he held the hand of the angel of life.
And, the angel of death who said no more
was shown out through the door.

‘Twas on a Rainy Night

Clouds in the twilight
Hid the Sun’s last rays.
Thundering gunmetal
with flashy electric trails.
Flanked with darkness,
Sudden came the rain.
Unpredictably, like tears
from eyes awash in pain.
Drops splashed all around
in the directionless breeze.
Cold, they hit the ground
pitter pattering mindlessly.
Racing together to form
streams of water and dirt,
uprooting great trees from
the bowels of the earth.
As Winds cried out loudly
making time stand still,
Night swallowed the light.
Only shadows were seen
That seemed to join in the
Dance of destruction
orchestrated by nature
in the cycle of creation.

Who am I?

I am in the beat of a heart that yearns.
I am in the pain during a child’s birth.
I am in the old leaf falling from a tree.
I am in the prayer riding on the breeze.

I am in the silence that ends the fight.
I am in the wrong done to make it right.
I am in the eyes that light up with smiles.
I am in the memories that haunt at night.

I am in the hand that gives more than asked.
I am in the sweat that completes each task.
I am in the snuggles on a grey, rainy day.
I am in the cheer that’s shouted on the way.

Who am I? I hide; I am hidden; I seek,
I am sought; I reveal and I am revealed.
Forever, like the precious treasure trove,
I am the reason for it all – I am love.

Ramblings on a Maudlin Afternoon

Listening to the leaves whispering in the breeze,
I wait for answers before they can be revealed.
Hoping for the best while bearing the hard fall,
I try to reason; it’s like talking to stone walls.
Searching within the puzzle that’s the Universe,
I come up with nothing like a mirror in the darkness.
Who knows? Even as the skies change colors everyday,
patiently … even as the earth spins madly … I wait.

Sailor of the Stormy Seas

Sailor of the stormy seas

searching with eagle eyes

the horizons and the depths

of waters that have to be kept

free from the pirates of peace.


With memories as company,

you sleep but never sleep

in the restless, rocky cradle.

Never certain if it’s going to be

your last; never regretting if it is.


Your efforts are in vain

for no one feels your pain.

There’s no support for you.

The terms you committed to were

clear. You serve at your own risk here.


Sailor of the stormy seas.

You do not have a right to need.

Gratitude is not for you or your kin.

So, don’t ask what’s in it for you within

their empty hearts – for there’s nothing!

To My Teachers

All the roads lead to Rome.
They taught me how to find my way.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
They taught me how to paint it.

All good things come to an end.
They taught me how to start them.
God helps those who help themselves.
They taught me how to make plans.

The grass is greener on the other side.
They taught me how to be satisfied.
In this world, no man is an island.
They taught me how to stay united.

There’s no better time like now.
They taught me how to move on.
Two heads are better than one.
They taught me to not work alone.

When the going is tough, the tough get going.
They taught me to never give up.
People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
They taught me to not be a hypocrite.

I know I can now read a million books.
Or, travel to cities around the world.
But I will always thank my teachers who
changed me from a grain of sand into a pearl.